Protege Program

The Protege Program helps new female students learn more about UNSW and engineering at UNSW from older female students studying similar degrees. It's a great opportunity to make friends with other engineering girls and gain some useful advice from older students.

Meet female engineers

The Protege Program offers the chance for new female engineering students to meet and build a network with other female engineering students in first year and beyond through the course of a structured program.

Ease the transition

The Protege Program helps ease the transition between high school and engineering at UNSW by providing an older student mentor who can help to navigate this new environment and overcome its challenges.

"My experience as a mentor in the Protege Program helped me to develop my leadership and communication skills. Overall, I found it to be an enriching experience that allowed me to have fun and make a lot of new friends."

- Rea Agrawal (Mentor), Bachelor of Computer Engineering (Hons)

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