WIESoc Presents: Industry Field Trip 2022

July 29, 2022 11:00 AM
Arup & AECOM

WIESoc is teaming up with ARUP and AECOM to bring you…. 💫 Industry Field Trip 💫!

💫 WIESoc’s 2022 Industry Field Trip 💫 will include a series of site visits to explore ARUP and AECOM’s offices and labs as well as to showcase their current projects! It will be held on the 29th of July (Week 9 Friday) from 11am - 4pm (In Person).

This event is open to all UNSW engineering students regardless of gender!

🧑🔧 🧑💻 👩🔬This is a unique opportunity to network with industry leaders and is a valuable insight into real engineering projects, similar to those you may work on once you enter the work force!

🤯APPLY NOW ➡️ https://forms.gle/zipRcFNsmim99CtZ7

You don’t need to come to both to apply! Applicants, keep an eye on your emails for updates!

⏱️Applications close on Thursday 21st of July at 11:59 PM! Don’t miss out! ⏱️