WIESoc Industry Mentoring Program

March 23, 2023 12:00 AM

‼️📣 Applications to join WIESoc’s Industry Mentoring Program are now open! 📣‼️

The Industry Mentoring Program 👥 🤗 provides a unique opportunity for all students, regardless of gender, to challenge and develop their professional skills through a 4-month intensive program 🗣️🧑‍💻 under the guidance of a mentor. Mentees will be matched with an industry professional based on the student’s degree and career interests. 🫡📝👔

This year’s theme is 🌄✨ "Expand your Horizons” ✨🌅 and as a mentee, you will receive valuable insights 👀  from your mentor in one-on-one meetings. There will also be opportunities to participate in skill-building activities 💪 and design challenges 🧑‍🎨  at our events. The program is an amazing way to connect with industry, ask  questions about your career interests, and learn how to smash your future career goals. 😎🏃

✅ Successful completion of the program requires mentees to complete at least 4 hours of meetings with their mentor in addition to attendance at all program events, which run on Thursdays 7-9pm on the following dates:

✨ Training Workshop (22nd June)

✨ Opening Ceremony (29th June)

✨ Checkpoint 1 (27th July)

✨ Checkpoint 2 (21st September)

✨ Closing Ceremony (26th October)

The program will be undertaken in-person in Term 2-3 of 2023.

Students who successfully complete the program will receive AHEGS accreditation on their transcript. 📝  To be eligible you must:

✔️ Be a WIESoc Member (sign up via SpArc) and

✔️ Be a current UNSW engineering student who is highly motivated and will be committed to meet all the above requirements.

All UNSW students are welcome to apply regardless of gender. Online applications will be followed by an individual interview if selected, and successful applicants will then be informed by email.

APPLY HERE: https://forms.gle/uGLuUX4jAhCEbj6a6

Mentee Applications are open NOW and close at 11:59pm on Monday, 15th of May 2023. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take part in this rewarding journey! 🧑‍💻📌✨

‼️ Interviews will be held from the 29th of May through to the 9th of June, 2023.