Your Complete Guide to UNSW Resources

Tavishi Makhija
October 7, 2020

Did you know that UNSW has a huge array of mostly free resources for students to utilise? These vary from academic assistance to job application help and even wellness workshops. This post is a compilation of these resources so that you can easily access them all in one spot!


Job Application Resources

UNSW offers many job application resources including:

· Vmock resume checker provides instant tailored feedback on your resume

· Cover letter guide

· Job selection criteria information

· Interview tips

· Information about workplace assessment (assessment centres)

· Job search tips

· Information about psychometric assessments and examples

·Advice on how to negotiate a job offer and salary

· Career Skills Consultations are 20-minute sessions that cover various topics such as career planning, resume and cover letter writing and interview preparation. The consultations take place via Microsoft Teams.


Academic resources

· UNSW library has a collection of past papers available for students to download on their website. Just type your course code into the search bar and it will display a list of past papers.

· UNSW Smarthinking is a free resource that allows students to submit drafts of their writing to a Smarthinking tutor or speak to one in a real-time session. The tutor then provides feedback. Students can submit any piece writing such as a report, essay or cover letter.

· The UNSW Learning & Career Hub offers Academic Skills Workshops throughout the year. Each workshop focuses on different tasks such as essay writing, reports and research or different skills such as critical thinking, referencing and plagiarism. (These workshops are not currently running due to COVID-19).

· Students can attend individual Consultations for Support where they can receive assistance with any study-related issues. Students can attend 1 appointment per week with a maximum of 3 consultations per term. The consultations take place via Microsoft Teams.

· The Learning & Career Hub has also developed a Resource Library consisting of academic skills resources that are accessible on Moodle. These are self-paced modules on various topics such as referencing, note taking and critical thinking just to name a few.

· UNSW students can use BrowZine which provides access to thousands of journals.

· Students can request a progression check from UNSW. This shows how much of their degree the student has completed, which courses are remaining and how many units of credit they have yet to complete.


Wellness Resources

· UNSW Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides free counselling sessions to all UNSW students

 · CAPS also provides training and workshops for students and staff on topics such as anxiety management.

· The International Student Experience Unit can help international students in areas such as university life, student visas, wellbeing and academic performance just to name a few.


A complete A to Z guide of UNSW resources and services can be found at:

So if you’re like me and had no idea that half of these resources even existed, I hope this will be a useful guide and will make your time at university a little bit easier 😊


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