WIE can do it, and so can you: my experience on the PR subcommittee

Sienna Archer
February 21, 2019

Hey everyone, my name is Sienna and I was part of the Public Relations subcommittee for WIESoc in 2018! Being an eager first year, I filled out the application to be part of the PR team during O-week not knowing what to expect, but honestly I think it is one of the best things you could do as a first year or anyone that wants to get the most out of the university experience. Having a support network for me was an essential part of surviving first year uni. Yes being part of WIESoc added an extra thing to think about and manage but I used it as a break from uni work and the community you become a part of is all about creating a friendly and supportive environment and giving you opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise.

I am so grateful for the knowledge and skills WIESoc has given me in addition to the friends I've made. As a part of the subcommittee, I was responsible for creating cover photos, countdown posts, videos/animations and event descriptions. This allowed me to develop my photoshop, illustrator, animate and writing skills and had the opportunity to improve my creativity as I made promotional material from scratch.

It is awesome when one of the events you were advertising sells out, which most of them did, and then to be able to attend the event and see everyone enjoying themselves and/or developing their professional skills. It is a reward for all the hard work you and everyone put in to create and promote a great WIESoc event.

When I was filling in that application I could not have imagined the warm and friendly vibe that radiates from every aspect of WIEsoc and I am so glad I had the opportunity to be part of such an amazing and motivated group of people. As a female in a predominantly male dominated field, WIESoc is a reminder that there is a whole bunch of awesome female engineers out there, and you know where to find them.

If I could give any advice all I would say is get out there and get the most out of university. WIESoc is a great option, whether you become a member and come to events, or apply to be part of a subcom now or a director at the end of the year, you won’t regret it.