The Ultimate Guide To Online Resources For Upskilling

Catherine Cheng
May 26, 2020

Stuck at home with not much to do? Then self-isolation might just be the perfect time to brush up on your CV and LinkedIn profiles, and what better way to do that than with some professional upskilling? Here are some great online resources that students can access FOR FREE, including virtual internship programs and online webinars, so you can develop those sought-after professional skills right in the comfort of your own home!

Free online workshops, webinars or live streams

General Assembly
  • Offers online courses on career development, including coding, data, marketing, UX design, and business
  • Is running “Free Fridays” throughout June, so you can access many of these courses (valued at $60 to $200 USD) for free on Fridays
  • Free online course Dash on web development, where you can learn to code in HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Courses are offered in many different time zones

UNSW Making
  • Free workshops run by UNSW Founders
  • Offers workshops on professional development skills like Design Thinking and Pitching, as well as technical skills, like CAD and Makerspace essentials
  • Currently offers short 2 hour CAD and Arduino workshops online 

Le Wagon Tech Events
  • Offers free webinars on a range of different tech subjects, including introductions to Github, how to query databases with SQL and women coding workshops
  • Courses are offered in a number of different time zones 

Go at your own pace programs/courses

  • Free virtual internship programs with the likes of Deloitte, KPMG, General Electric, etc.
  • Takes 5-6 hours to complete each program, which you can then put on your CV and LinkedIn

Google’s Python Class
  • A free class developed by Google to learn Python coding 

eDx Courses
  • Free online courses offered by 140 different institutions including Harvard, MIT, ETH Zurich and more
  • Courses ranging from computer science, engineering, business and management, languages, and humanities
  • The only downside to these courses is that you may need to pay  to get access to a verified certificate to show you have passed the course

  • Free online courses offered by various universities and institutions on everything from songwriting, art crime and forensic psychology

TAFE Courses
  • Offering fee-free short courses during COVID-19 to develop leadership skills, practical business skills, administrative skills and more
  • Some eligibility criteria to apply

  • Online video courses, many you can access for free
  • Everything from digital illustration, interior design and typography, productivity, social media advertising, and Adobe Photoshop

LinkedIn Learning 
  • UNSW students get access to LinkedIn Learning courses 
  • Learn new skills for free 
  • Courses completed will be able to be displayed on your LinkedIn account

Free resources/software for students

Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Free for UNSW students until the 6th of July

Github student developer pack 
  • Allows students to have access to a ton of resources that are useful for software projects 
  • Notable resources include free access to 12 months of Canva Pro as well as free Github Pro

General resources for navigating university/post-graduation life

Converge Guide
  • Resources for how to navigate life after graduation, with everything from how to build a professional network, to how to manage your finances
  • Has a COVID-19 guide as well

  • For those who have just entered university, with articles on how to navigate work, life, and study
  • Free webinars on topics like “The Importance of Work-Life Balance” and “Turning Creativity into a Career”
  • Free course on financial literacy called Finlit, complete with resources and quizzes, teaching you how to deal with taxes, understand superannuation, invest in property and navigate insurance

(WIESoc is not affiliated or sponsored with any of the links mentioned)