Intro to Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Eugenia Simoes
August 5, 2019

Leaving high school I didn’t know what degree to choose let alone what type of engineering to choose. But once I decided engineering was for me I chose Mechanical and Manufacturing. Why? Well because I liked the creativity in designing mechanical devices, so mechanical. But, I wanted something more which manufacturing gives. It’s like doing part of a mechanical degree but with specialisation in more manufacturing and managerial engineering. 

What do you love the most and the least about your degree?

I like that the manufacturing cohort is much smaller than just mechanical and you really get to know and work with everyone. The thing I like least about my degree is the perception of employers that the degree is limited to only manufacturing career paths.

What fields of study are included in your degree?

Manufacturing includes product process design, computer aided design and manufacturing design. AND much more in process modelling, automation, reliability and maintenance. There is also the managerial side of engineering in finance and decision-making. This is on top of the first and second year mechanics subjects.

Do you recommend that students have done any particular HSC subjects prior to the degree?

I wouldn’t say any specific HSC subjects related to manufacturing engineering. The higher maths and physics are useful for first year subjects but mostly they teach you everything you need to know.

What sorts of careers could a person doing this degree go on to do?

There is the opportunity to go into specific manufacturing in defence, medical device or other industries which design and produce products. But you can also just go into any of the other normal mechanical discipline jobs. Also the problem solving and analytical methods can also lead to various consulting jobs. It’s pretty diverse.

What advice would you give to anyone just starting your degree?

Advice I would give is that it’s okay to not be 100% certain if your doing the right type of engineering or right degree in general. For me it was only in my 3rd year of engineering that I truly felt like I was doing the kind of work I would want to for a career. I would suggest talking to older students (or read these blog posts) to really get an idea of what your degree can lead to because first year isn’t the best gauge of work people do in industry.

Do you get many elective choices during the degree?

You get a few choices in what they call first year and disciplinary electives. Although you have less than a mechanical stream degree as some of the subjects you do are electives that you are part of doing manufacturing engineering.

I’d say Manufacturing was the right choice for me because I got to do the critical mechanical engineering subjects as well as more broader design, finance, decision making and problem solving manufacturing subjects. So if you want to do mechanical with something extra variety and spice Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering is for you.