What is 50/50?

50/50 is a homegrown WIESoc brand. Bringing the Women in Engineering Society vision to life, the 50/50 campaign promotes gender diversity and equal opportunities for engineering students at UNSW. Since the launch of the brand in 2019, 50/50 has soared in expectation. 2019 held the release of stylish t-shirts and snug hoodies with much more to come in 2020. The initiative has not only released a uni-wide spread brand but has also held its very own event.

“Grafifity” was the event of the year for 50/50. Attracting both students and staff, Grafifty allowed the public to answer the question, “What does 50/50 mean to you?”. With hundreds of answers, the Graffiti wall displayed messages pushing for gender equality, all at the hand of the UNSW community.