Annual General Meeting (AGM)

October 17, 2019 6:00 PM
Keith Burrows Theatre, UNSW

📢 Calling all WIESoc Members! 📢

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is here again and it's YOUR chance to make a difference and apply for the executive committee. There are many roles to choose from so there's likely to be one to suit YOU. This is a unique opportunity to experience the professional development and enriching community that is the UNSW Women in Engineering Society. Join us to build on the achievements, promote equal opportunities and creating a supportive network for young engineers!

Don’t want to be part of the committee? We invite you to come along to the AGM anyway. As a full WIESoc member, you are entitled to vote for the executive team of 2020.

------------- ☁️ Meeting Agenda ☁️ -------------

President’s report
Treasurer’s report
Constitutional amendments
Executive nominations, speeches and voting
Announcement of Executive team 2020
Acknowledgement of outgoing executives

------------- ☁️ Applying for an Executive Position ☁️ -------------

The following executive roles are open for contention. Click on the links below to find out more about the roles & responsibilities of the position(s) you’re interested in.

- President (
- Vice President of Events (
- Vice President of Programs (
- Vice President of Public Relations (
- Vice President of Human Resources (
- Secretary (
- Treasurer (
- Arc Delegate (

Complete the self-nomination form by 15th October 11:59 PM. This is available, here:

Attend the AGM and be prepared to make a maximum 2-minute speech about why you should be elected for the position you have nominated for.

You must be a full WIESoc member and be studying at UNSW from T1-T3 in 2020 to apply. We encourage students of all years and disciplines to apply.

------------- ☁️ Voting System ☁️ -------------

After candidates deliver their speech (no longer than 2 minutes), voting will be by ballot with successful candidates holding the simple majority. If the position is uncontested, there will be an option to vote “no confidence” for the candidate.

You MUST be a UNSW WIESoc member to cast votes at the AGM. Membership status will be checked upon arrival at the AGM.

------------- ☁️ Have Any Questions? ☁️ -------------

For any enquiries please contact us directly via the UNSW Women in Engineering Society Facebook page or email us at


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