Annual General Meeting

October 21, 2020 11:59 PM

The time is here! It’s The One With WIESoc’s Annual General Meeting! 👏👏👏👏

This is YOUR chance to make a difference and apply to be a part of WIESoc’s Executive Committee. 

There are many roles to choose from so there's likely to be one to suit YOU. This is a unique opportunity to experience the professional development and enriching community that is the UNSW Women in Engineering Society. Join us to build on our achievements, promote equal opportunities and create a supportive network for young engineers! ⚙️

Don’t want to be part of the committee? We invite you to come along to our online AGM anyway. As a full WIESoc member, you are entitled to vote for the executive team of 2021. ❤️

------------- 🌟 Meeting Agenda 🌟 -------------


President’s report

Treasurer’s report

Constitutional amendments

Executive nominations, speeches and voting

Announcement of Executive team 2021

Acknowledgement of outgoing executives

General Business

Business without notice 


------------- 🌟 Applying for an Executive Position 🌟 -------------

The following executive roles are open for contention. Click on the links below to find out more about the roles & responsibilities of the position(s) you’re interested in.

- President (

- Vice President of Events (

- Vice President of Programs (

- Vice President of Public Relations (

- Vice President of Human Resources (  

- Secretary (

- Treasurer (

- Arc Delegate (  

Complete the self-nomination form by 21st October 11:59 PM. This is available, here: 

Attend the AGM and be prepared to make a maximum 2-minute speech about why you should be elected for the position you have nominated for.

You must be a full WIESoc member and be studying at UNSW from T1-T3 in 2021 to apply. We encourage students of all years and disciplines to apply. ❤️

------------- 🌟 Voting System 🌟 -------------

Voting will be conducted via a Zoom meeting that is open to all of our WIESoc members. After candidates deliver their speech (no longer than 2 minutes), voting will be conducted via a google form with successful candidates holding the simple majority. In order to vote, you MUST be a WIESoc member who enters the online AGM no later than 7.15pm. If the position is uncontested, there will be an option to vote “no confidence” for the candidate.

------------- 🌟 Constitutional Changes 🌟 -------------

We will be making three small changes to the constitution this year to enhance flexibility in the recruitment of Events and Public Relations Directors. 

------------- 🌟 Have Any Questions? 🌟 -------------

For any enquiries please contact us directly via the UNSW Women in Engineering Society Facebook page or email us at