Hello, WIESoc!

Vivian Bakiris
February 9, 2019

“I can’t believe she’s talking to me.” The first thought that entered my mind when I met the President of WIESoc in my first year at UNSW. It was at our O-Week Welcome and I couldn’t believe that someone like that would be so welcoming to someone like me. A nameless face in the crowd. It wasn’t just me; she was lovely to everyone.

At that moment I had absolutely no understanding of what WIESoc was, nor did I have any understanding of how much it would change my life. I attribute most great things that have happened to me to my involvement with this society. Every friend, every job, every good memory. Somehow, I can find a way to link it back, because WIESoc was there from the very beginning of my university journey.

Little did I know at my first ever networking night at UNSW, while I sat in the corner avoiding eye contact with industry all night, I would one day go on to be the VP of Events and run that very networking night myself. That’s one of my favourite things about WIESoc. WIESoc is here to guide you, to take you from that shy girl sitting in the corner sipping on her drink, to the confident leader front and centre speaking at the podium.  

The more and more I got involved with WIESoc over the last four years the more my perception changed. From that O-Week Welcome to my first year, to attending my first inter-uni cocktail night, to running my first event, to now finding myself as president so much has changed. Slowly, I learned more and more about what makes WIESoc so special. WIESoc is nothing like I thought it was. WIESoc is, as a former president called it, “A big warm hug”. A community, a movement, but most importantly, a family; and I am so happy to welcome you into it!

Vivian Bakiris